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Ships & Goggles converts 3D drawings to a virtual reality model, which results in the following benefits: faster and better design feedback, better understanding from the customer and a flexible way of reviewing designs.

From 3D model to virtual reality

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Whether you use 3DS max, Blender, SiemensNX or RHINO we can turn your model in to a Virtual Reality experience. Next to that we can implement interactive features like changing textures, objects or structural parts so your client can make decisions based on what he sees.

Why work with us?

We're engineers and designers with backgrounds in app development, game development and 3D modelling. Our mission is to create better understanding between designer and client which results in healthy collaborations. We focus on yachting because we believe that Virtual Reality adds the most value to projects with a high amount of bespoke aspects.

Free roam

Our navigation gives you the full freedom to explore your yacht's interior and exterior on Oculus/HTC Vive or Cardboard.


Furniture, walls and floors can be adjustable. Try and change the color or switching a texture for a new look.


Interactive elements like doors, elevators, windows and light switches contribute to a realistic experience.

Day / Night cyclus

Full control over day and night which influences the lightning within the scene.